ERP and The Age of Networked Intelligence

Last week my colleagues and I attended #INFORUM2017. What a spectacular event filled with exciting new products and informative sessions focused on the Present and Future of Healthcare ERP and Clinical Interoperability with Cloverleaf Consolidator and BIRST. A customer-focused solution accounts for knowing what the customer wants most and what the company does best, then focusing on where they meet to produce the best possible customer centric product.

The ERP industry is focused on “The Human Experience”, which for the healthcare industry also translates directly to the Patient Experience. As reported by McKinsey, 20% of the average work week is spent searching and gathering information. Imagine how much more productive hospital administrators, employees and clinicians would be if they had tools like Coleman, Elastic Search, BIRST and Cloverleaf, to name a few, that would allow them to focus instead on more things that improve the Patient Experience. That’s incredible!

These new tools and system functionality only scratch the surface of what is available through machine learning and networked intelligence. The current generation of tools help maximize the human potential and deliver value-based care for a patient-centered healthcare organization. The power of innovation is giving birth to a new kind of intelligence; smarter machines coupled with vast amounts of data means better insights, more automation, reliability and accessibility. It is no longer out of the question to tie invoices, purchase orders, labor statistics, patient procedural and population health data seamlessly together as if they all existed within a single solution/product. More forward motion faster.

HCTec understands the value and benefits of an ERP system seeded with data for a vertical approach and the integration of IoT (The Internet of Things) to a hospital of any size, location or payer mix. As an example, instead of spending 8 hours or more trying to identify, aggregate, normalize, transform and load data from numerous disparate systems and sources, what if your team of analysts could spend those same 8 hours analyzing the referral volumes of your employed and contracted physicians to your hospitals vs. your competitor’s hospitals? With Cloverleaf Consolidator, ERP solutions can now be seeded with population health data for a complete patient picture, therefore, enhancing the Patient Experience.

With the addition of BIRST and Cloverleaf Consolidator the door of Clinical Networked Intelligence with HCM (Human Capital Management) labor and pay data has been opened. This, coupled with Supply Costs and a complete financial recording combine to deliver what is being coined TRUECOST™. HCTec provides their customers with what they want most within their ERP Ecosystem and delivering on a better Human Experience that translates into boundless possibilities for better patient care and clinical outcomes. Industry nuances that have been customized by consultants are now being included in the core ERP product.

As William Gibson, toured Singapore, he called it “Disneyland with the death penalty,” describing the country as “a relentlessly G-rated experience,” a place stuck in 1956,” yet the rest of the world isn’t. The future is here, it’s just not very evenly distributed. HCTec has become a disrupter in the ERP market by aligning themselves with system innovators that are equally disrupting the market turning the future into the present. Companies that are delivering on products and solutions that drive implemented cost savings and produce REAL measurable ROI for providers and practitioners who have invested heavily into their Clinical EHR/EMR systems and want to begin to experience the value their investments have promised to deliver. Just like Singapore the Healthcare industry is perceived to be stuck in the past with Green Screens still using DOS like functionality. Let’s step into the present and define your own future, instead of waiting for the future to define you!

Mark your calendars and perhaps we’ll connect at the following upcoming events:

  • Epic UGM in Verona, WI September 25-28
  • Southeast Lawson User Group Mega Meeting September 17th – 19th
  • INFORUM 2018 – Washington D.C. September 24 – 27, 2018


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