Plagued by Performance Problems?

Your EMR users have experienced performance issues on and off again for some time now. Individually, the database, network, hardware, and end device folks, along with your EMR vendor have thoroughly investigated this issue and have conclusively determined that their piece of this puzzle could not possibly be the cause of the problems. But, the end users remain Plagued by Performance Problems.

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7 Months in: Where do we stand with ICD-10?

The date all of us in healthcare revenue cycle and health information management were waiting for came and passed. It was the big storm that we all had prepared for. Over the course of the last couple of years and particularly the last 8 months of 2015, we all trained, practiced, tested, upgraded, and dual-coded in anticipation. Everyone in the industry was pointing to previous ICD-10 transitions around the world and fearing that we would see 30 to 50% loss in productivity.

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Welcome to the New HCTec

You may have noticed things are changing at HCTec. First, HCTec Partners has now become HCTec. That's right, we dropped the Partners and went back to our roots. We've also had a few other new developments to note...

A New Acquisition

HIMS Consulting is now a part of the HCTec team! In February 2016, HCTec acquired Steamboat Springs, CO-based HIMS Consulting Group. We are teaming up to provide the highest level of service to our clients and the best experience possible for our consultants. This combo will allow us to have a larger footprint in the market as well as enhance our service offerings. We're excited to welcome our new Steamboat team to the HCTec family!

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